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MTI Wireless Edge to exhibit 5G Backhaul Antenna Innovations @MWC 2018Read more
MTI Wireless Edge is proud to be one of Deloitte Technology Fast 50 winners, second year in a raw. As part of our ongoing innovation and improvement program MTI Wireless Edge is developing new technologies and applications, improving production processes, enhancing quality and entering into new development projects.
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MTI Wireless Edge is pleased to report that 80 GHz flat antenna European Patent No. 3048669 was validated in Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France and United Kingdom. The patent is also being extend to the US and Israel.Read more
Two years ago MTI presented the MTI Wireless Edge Military Products Newsletter.
We utilize the newsletter platform to periodically update our customers with the latest information regarding our military portfolio and introduce our recent developments and innovations.Read more
MTI Wireless Edge is pleased to announce the introduction of the first of a series of new Dual Polarization Omni-directional antennas. The first antenna in this new line of products from MTI is the MT-382002/NVH, 3.5-3.8 GHz, 10 dBi, Dual Polarization Omni-directional antenna. Many of those new Dual Polarization Omni antennas have already shipped and MTI accepts order on a first come, first served basis. Antennas with similar characteristics but in the 5.8 and 2.5 GHz frequency domains will be introduced shortly.
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MTI Wireless Edge is developing, in partnership with Nokia, a set of innovative, ultra-high availability wide-band and multi-band antenna systems for small cell and 5G cellular backhaul and fronthaul.Read more
MTI will support Mimosa's partners worldwide providing high quality performance antennas.Read more
We are proud to announce the release of a number of new high performance antennas catering to changing customer demands. Among the new antennas are 4x4 MIMO dual band 2.3-2.7/4.9-6.0 GHz flat panel antennas for indoor or outdoor high density WiFi access, as well as 2x2 and 3x3 MIMO dual band flat panel antennas for outdoor 802.11ac applications. Other additions include high gain 4.9-6.1 GHz dual polarity (V+H) 1 foot directional antenna and high gain sector and directional antennas for the evolving 7-8 GHz band. These antennas incorporate 2, 3 or 4 antennas with different polarities under one radome.
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Wavesight and MTI Wireless Edge form an OEM Partnership to develop High Quality Antennas
In line with Wavesight strategy to work with credible and reliable component manufacturers, Wavesight is pleased to announce an OEM partnership with MTI Wireless EdgeRead more
MTI Wireless Edge completed the development and entered the commercial stage with its unique fully ETSI and FCC compliant 20cm low profile parabolic dish antenna including radome and compact mounting kit. This complete the 80GHz antenna product line of 20cm, one foot and other 2 foot antennas for Small Cell Microwave Backhaul.Read more
CNN's Elise Labott looks at how drones are manufactured in Israel, the world's top exporter of unarmed vehicles. Watch MTI Antennas on IAI Heron UAV making state-of-the art drones in Israel live on CNN.Read more
Wireless Edge, who is active in delivering high quality high performance low cost antenna solutions for more then 40 years, extends the standard warranty of its antenna products to three years.Read more
MTI Wireless Edge launched its new most informative and comprehensive antenna web site. The new web site allows downloading of all antennas’ data tools including radiation patterns in different formats for RF and system design tools.Read more
MTI Wireless Edge to showcase its New innovative General Purpose 1 foot Enclosure with integrated Antenna for Low Cost Radios at CeBIT in Germany and MikroTik Users Meeting (MUM) in Poland.Read more
MTI Wireless Edge LTD
Financial Results for the year ended
31 December 2011Read more
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